Thursday, April 25, 2019

Service and Support

SNE Building Systems, Inc. has now made available a suite of services to improve economic performance of your controls and automation systems.  These include:

  • Maintenance Services (request info)
    Asset management and maintenance extending facility life and equipment reliability; lowering Total Cost of Ownership
  • Performance Services (request info)
    Performance Contracts - annual and multi-year - to improve system performance and maximize your long-term Return On Investment
  • Learning Services (request info)
    Managed learning services include comprehensive classroom training, onsite or customer courses tailored to your specific system - all designed to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Keeping your system up and running is our top priority.  Our state-of-the-art Service and Remote monitoring center provides real-time remote connectivity to your building or facility.  Our factory certified technicians and engineers have the capability to log in to your system remotely and quickly diagnose and solve any issues that may arise.

Of course, our commitment to the successful operation of your system is a key component to the success of our business - that's why we take a proactive approach to keeping your system in top shape.

How We Help You

  • Online Support Center
    Registered users of our website have access to this area filled with Technical Bulletins, Whitepapers, and downloadable tools and utilities. Registered Users only.  Register here.
  • Periodic Maintenance
    Regardless of how new or old your current system may be, our Periodic Maintenance program will help it perform at its peak efficiency.
  • Remote Monitoring
    Factory certified technicians and engineers remotely connecting to and examining your system for potential problems before they evolve.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Emergency Response
    You can rest assured that no matter the day or time, we always have a factory certified technician on call who can handle any emergency issues that may arise.
  • Comprehensive IT Support
    Today's automation and controls systems rely heavily on the smooth and effective operation of computers and servers.  Our computer and network engineers will keep your PC and Server based systems running smoothly with a proactive approach to service
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